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XYBASE is a systems integrator, IPR developer and solutions provider. We have implemented many large IT projects and are known worldwide for our airport IT expertise. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions to clients, based on their businesses, without prejudice on the technologies available.






XYBASE is proud to offer our expertise in Information Technology modeling and designing. Our IT design consultants have a wealth of technical knowledge and experience. With a combination of business and state-of-the-art IT knowledge, we provide IT blueprints, consultancy on how enterprises should design its IT architecture based on the future outlook.






XYBASE offers a total solution by synthesizing culture and experiences to propel into a borderless world. With travel continuously increasing, airports, airlines, rails, roads and any other means of transportations around the world need to cope with the demands. As such all aspects of travel management are constantly developed to cater to the needs. Our solutions encompasses of the following:





"XYBASE is always SENSITIVE towards technological evolution & market needs, and our ability to INNOVATE and REACT QUICKLY so as to strive for leadership position is constantly a THRUST within the organisation"








At XYBASE, we are looking for individuals who are willing to take on challenges and work in a dynamic & high-performance enviroment. As a global organization with operations around the world we value cultural diversity in our workforce.





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