Prime Minister's Department of Malaysia Business Licensing Electronic Support System (BLESS)

BLESS ( is an one-stop portal that provides information and facilities for companies to apply licences or permits to start operating business in Malaysia. It is a virtual One Stop Service Center that assists companies to obtain business licences efficiently and in an organized manner. Instead of physically going to various agencies to submit applications for licenses, applicants can submit their applications and monitor the status of application online.
BLESS was created to simplify the application of business licensing from the view point of both local and foreign investors. The investor or applicant only has to deal with one party – BLESS. The licensing agencies log in directly to BLESS, monitoring the application every step of the way, providing communication and feedback that give clarification and responses to investor or applicants. The entire process takes considerably less time than dealing with each agency separately and transparency is assured.


Accountant's General Department, Ministry of Finance, Malaysia Electronic Government & Accountant's General Integrated Systems Budget Planning and Control System Revenue Collection System Payment Notification System


This is one of the largest projects implementation under the eGovernment Flagship project in Malaysia. In this project, XYBASE developed the Budget Planning and Control System (eSPKB) which was implemented at more than 3000 government departments and branches throughout Malaysia. The system is accessed by more than 80,000 users daily to perform budget checking, planning and as well as expenses control. The eSPKB system is integrated with eProcurement System, Project Monitoring System, Human Resource Management Information System, backend accounting system (SAP) and banks to facilitate budgeting and payment process. Payment notification is done automatically through various methods such as sms and email, as well as online status check at the eMaklum Portal.
Besides eSPKB, XYBASE also developed eTerimaan and eMaklum. eTerimaan is a standard collection system for the government of Malaysia which now deployed to more than 3000 collection centres. eMaklum is a web based payment notification system accessible by the public for online enquiry on payment status.


Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia MATRIIX Phase 2

The objective of MATRIIX II project is to allow MITI and its agencies to promote and safeguard Malaysian interest in the international trade arena, to spur the development of industrial activities and to further enhance Malaysian economic growth towards realizing Vision 2020.
The legacy systems and applications in MITI and its agencies are unable to cope with the level of integration required, overwhelming amount of information available in contents and forms; and the need to constantly update and maintain and the sea of knowledge with the rapidly evolving information and communication technologies. Accessibility and availability of information systems are also key requirements in order to meet this challenge.
In this project XYBASE is responsible to develop the MITI Enterprise Knowledge Portal ( and MATRADE Portal ( which serves as a collaboration engine and a platform for MITI and its agencies for knowledge sharing and e-learning. At the same time, the Enterprise Knowledge Portal also acts as bridge to reach out to the companies and exporters for information dissemination and promotion on trade related missions and events.
We also developed various internal systems for MITI and agencies to cater for the business requirements of MITI and its agencies in business licensing, incentive and grants management, trade statistics and analysis and many more. We deployed multiple enterprise technologies such as IBM Websphere, Informix, MySQL, JBoss, Lotus Domino, Novell and Java in this project to create a harmonized and optimised environment for the system to operate on.


Inland Revenue Board(IRB)of Malaysia Self Assessment System for Company Tax

The Self-Assessment System is implemented for businesses and partnerships to submit and declare their taxes.

In this project, XYBASE delivered and implemented the Self-Assessment System which includes the full range of taxation management such as Tax Submission, Tax Return and Filing, Tax Processing, Payment and Refund, Appeal and Objection as well as Analytical Reporting.

The system is rollout to all branches of IRB in Malaysia.




National Service Training Department, Ministry of Defence, Malaysia National Service Training Management System

Every year, more than 100,000 17 year-old Malaysian citizen will be selected from a pool of those born in the same year to undergo a three-month national service programme. The objective of the Government in embarking this National Service Programme is to promote patriotism, racial integration and inculcate good values in the younger generation.

We developed a computerised candidate selection system for the National Service Program and provide easy access for candidates to check their status. The system also provides functions for the officers to do placement of candidates, management of trainers, camps, logistics, deferment process and volunteers. Besides, we also developed a portal for the alumni of national service trainees for collaboration and interaction.


Public Works Department, Malaysia SKALA Business Intelligence System

SKALA is a Project Monitoring System used by Public Works Department to monitor the implementation of the project from the planning, design, procurement, construction up to project delivery. In this project, XYBASE developed a Business Intelligence system on SKALA and it covers an end-to-end process from the data extraction, transform and loading process, to the presentation of the information in rich visualization displays via graphical and statistical reports, interactive analysis reports, predictive analysis reports and user dashboards The system is developed using Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite and it is integrated with the existing SKALA system allow for single sign on and Google Maps to provide Location Intelligence. 



Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysia eBiosecurity System

This project involves design and development of a portal to allow the Department of Fisheries to manage the compliance and assurance of the fisheries industry to the ISO standards and food traceability. This system simplifies the information dissemination and sharing and acts as an one-stop centre for all types of business related to Department of Fisheries.

The system also provides the following:

  • Central Registry for Farms/ vessels/ exporters / importers details and profiles
  • Information / reports / trends / data / statistic for monitoring, enforcement, and decision-making
  • End to end online system for authorisation application and approval process
  • Notification and  communication with all stakeholders especially  in time of disease outbreak
  • Online integration with ePermit, eAqua, eLicense and FEXOC systems
  • Structured document and record management

The system is developed using open source technologies such as Liferay, MySQL, JBoss, Java and Pentaho Business Intelligence Tools. 



Pahang State Government, Malaysia SUKMA (Malaysian) Games Management System

Sukma Games or Malaysian Games is a sporting event in Malaysia held once every year. In this project, XYBASE is responsible to deliver a SUKMA Portal and Management System to handle the activities for the sports event. This includes a portal for the sports event, registration of sports, athletes, officers, VIP and volunteers, management of accreditation, accommodation, media and event venue/location, match schedules, results and analysis reports. The system is designed and developed using open source technologies such as Liferay, Java, MySQL, JBoss and Pentaho.



SME Corporation Malaysia SMEIPA and SCORE Systems

The SME Integrated Plan of Action (SMEIPA) consists of SME development programmes and initiatives planned and implemented by more than 15 Ministries and more than 60 Agencies. This system gathers inputs from various Ministries and Agencies to support the preparation of SMEIPA. This includes automation, monitoring and   reporting process by Ministries and Agencies involved in SME development programmes,

SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE) is a diagnostic tool used to rate and enhance competitiveness of SMEs based on their performance and capabilities. XYBASE designed and developed the SCORE system for online assessment and evaluation SCORE rating of SME. The system allows SME Corp to monitor performance of SMEs and identifies strengths and weaknesses of SMEs in order to recommend measures for improvements, facilitation and linkages of potential SMEs with large companies / MNCs and linkages of export-ready companies to MATRADE.



Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operative and Consumerism, Malaysia Diesel and Petrol Subsidy Control System (SKDS / SKPS)

Diesel and petrol are the very crucial commodity in any nation's economy, as it provides the raw fuel to other products and services creation. The government's policy of subsidy for diesel and petrol is yet another key strategy in managing inflationary conditions that might affect the cost of living and many others. XYBASE developed the SKDS and SKPS systems under the projects in the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operative and Consumerism for the full monitoring and control of diesel and petrol subsidy. The systems were developed using open source technologies such as MySQL, JBoss and Java 



Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Malaysia Ministry Portal

In this project, XYBASE developed the ministry portal for information dissemination, announcement and resource management using cost effective open source technologies such as Liferay, MySQL and JBoss. The portal also includes facilities for councilors to apply for councilors license and make fees payment online.



SME Bank Financial Management System

In this project, XYBASE implemented the Financial Management System which is a software solution from Technology One, Australia. Our consultants and implementers performed the implementation of various modules in Technology One solution such as GL, AR, AP Reporting and Bank Reconciliation etc.



TIME dotCom Berhad, Malaysia TIME Payment System

TIME dotCom Berhad is one of the leading telecommunication solutions provider in Malaysia and it's main business are to provide fixed-line telecommunications, submarine cable and data centre. Time Dot Com requires a comprehensive system that allows them to effectively monitor and manage its payment centers to serve its clients efficiently in order to keep pace with any competitors. XYBASE has implemented a cost effective solution that is easy-to-use to meet TIME dotCom's specific needs in revenue collection management, inventory management and retail management.